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ThaiSnax Sampler

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Our best selling package for those that love a spread or are just not sure what to try. Plenty of tasty treats and drinks to explore. Chose your favorites and come back for more!  This also makes for a great gift for the holidays! A perfect gift for a Birthday or Christmas.

ThaiSnax Sampler Box comes with the following contents:
  • 8 Sodas + 1 Bonus Energy Drink
  • 60+ assorted snacks from Thailand & South East Asia 
  • Free Bonus Items added to every Sampler Box!


  • FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING INCLUDED!  No waiting 3 weeks for your box to arrive.  We ship all monthly boxes with DHL World Express, 3-5 day business shipping

  • QUALITY GUARANTEE! ThaiSnax guarantees all products are well within their shelf life with plenty time to spare! 

  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  If you have any issues or questions with the service, all inquiries are responded to within 24 hours.  We want you to have the best snack experience without any delays, and receive your products in excellent condition every month on time.

  • GUARANTEED DELIVERY!  That's right!  If your box is lost don't worry we will re-ship your product!  Just submit a claim to with your tracking number or photos of your damaged delivery and we will work with the carrier to get your shipment re-delivered as quickly as possible!  We guarantee delivery 100%

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